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Add Color to Your Home with Log Making

The construction of a log coffee table has been kept indispensable for many decoration sites in recent years. We will also provide information about how a design path should be followed for our users. As it is known, these products, which are offered at very low prices when purchased in a ready manner, are the common choice of living space owners because they adapt to today’s fashion. You can design products that will work great for your home without paying any high fees.

Log Making and Materials

We will provide you with information about the complete bill of materials to help you complete the table construction from the log. In this way, it is possible to get much clearer information and it is aimed to benefit from the whole work;

  • Supply the part of the tree trunk to be used.
  • 3 swivel castors with lock
  • Screw
  • Drill
  • Block sanding or sanding papers
  • Varnishes, wood
  • Paintbrush

You must supply. Following these procedures, you can complete the billet table construction in very simple steps by following the instructions at the bottom.

Stages of Log Making Tables

As a first step, the billet should be prepared. Prepare the dimensions with saw or other cutting tools. If you want to peel the outer shells, you must complete the peeling process in this step. Sanding operations should also be done for aesthetic appearance.

After the desired shape is captured during logging stage, varnish and dry.
Turn the log upside down and make room for the feet to be installed later. You will need to drill holes in the logs.
Place the screws from the marked parts so that they are mounted between the rotating wheels. Made of log coffee table is so simple and easy!

In general, this type of process is demanding a lot of charges, while our users’ living spaces or businesses to provide a great working options to add color. It is entirely in your hands to renovate the design of your home with great works from each other and to give space to new objects. At the same time, take a look at our article and make use of a work to highlight great work for your home.

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