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Cleaning after illness – everything nice and clean after nose snotty and Kotzeritis

Oh man, how I hate January to March! (So ​​not basically, you understand …). During this period, things happen that let my mood sink into the basement year after year: all thick tights go bust, Netflix looks blank and the imun system is in the basement. I do not know how many times you have drawn the lot “flu for all” this season. From the turn of the year it is traditionally round and all viruses make party. If you have small children, the pleasure often already from October and until March it will probably stop with Schnabel nose and hair over the toilet bowl.

Yeah, not a great topic. The beloved is with us the one who comes in contact with most bacilli. Large events in a confined space with lots of “kisses right, kisses left”. His immune system is really hardened, but now and then he brings us home the killer viruses. Or Sophie from school. Or me from the office.

Well, and since we do not have a quarantine tent in the apartment, the patient or the sick cheerfully spreads his bacilli everywhere. On the doorknobs, cell phone, towel, sofa … And the rest of the family can choose where he’s going to spend a round in bed.

So, what to do? I honestly do not like to clean. And I also think that you should not make bohei for the tenth kindergarten sniff. Then you would go crazy with a family in the winter completely. I am more concerned with the “worse” variants, such as a norovirus, a flu infection or even an influenza.

Viruses wait patiently for a “taker”

Incidentally, humans themselves are the number one transmission path. Now you can roll your eyes – most of you already know that you should stay away from sneezing colleagues. But it is not just the direct human-to-human contact, but also the indirect contact with food or objects that are touched. Viruses and pathogens remain in a waiting position on the surface until they find a “driver”. This can take a while, but the annoying beasts are well prepared for this: influenza viruses survive up to two days out of the body, noroviruses (diarrheal disease) even much longer on dry surfaces.

Before you start: What should I clean with?

I am for natural detergents! Best homemade and without harmful substances for our body and the environment. 99% we clean without additional hygiene. In my book

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I write and explain exactly how I make them and in this article I summarized again why cleaning with essential oils is wonderfully disinfecting.

Mein Haushalt natuerlich sauber

Sometimes it has to be more

BUT – now comes the big BUT – I know that there are situations in life that are sometimes not easy and you resort to a conventional disinfectant.

I personally think that’s ok. When I’m on you and you and the toilet bowl with a norovirus, I just like to send my husband to the drugstore and I do not have to tell him what he has to mix for a long time. Or you get the order from the pediatrician, the next day please clean everything with the cleaner XY (which has happened to us a few times). All right, we do not want to lead a dogmatic life. When everyone is fit again, we will do our best and clean the environment again!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using disinfectants:

  • Get a remedy that is ready to use, so do not need to be mixed. This avoids underdosing or chemical burns.
    Very important: always pay attention to the recommended exposure time! This time is needed to kill at least 99.999 percent of the bacteria, 99.99 percent of the fungi and 99.9 percent of the viruses. (oha, I can be petty!)
  • If you already buy disinfectants, then they get you in the pharmacy and let you advise there. An important quality feature is the indication “VAH-certified” or “VAH-listed”.
  • Not every disinfectant works against every pathogen. There are funds that can fight bacteria, for example, but can not do anything against certain types of viruses. So look that the remedies are “virucidal”, rendering most of the virus harmless (for example, norovirus infections). For “limited virucidal” products, only the subset of viruses is covered.
  • When surfaces are disinfected, it is often wise to use disposable towels. Oh, yes I know, that’s even worse for the environment! But cloths should be washed hot after each use and do not forget: it is only temporary.

It is very important for me to remind you once again that you should use no disinfectant for normal household cleaning, please! Once the funds land in the drain, they impede the bacteria in the sewage treatment plant, which are used as cleaning aids.

But now get to the viruses!

1. Clean with air

We start very simple: Please ventilate closed rooms regularly – this will expel at least some of the pathogens out the window. So simple, so effective! And who likes that uses essential oils in a diffuser that have a disinfecting effect, eg. Tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus.

2. Everywhere in the house: door handles

Okay, if the patient is in bed the entire day, then you have a little grace period. But at the latest the corridor to the toilet and later then the rum shuffle through the apartment make it necessary: All door handles must be wiped off. Because despite hand washing and disinfecting bacteria can never be completely avoided on the hands.

3. Bed linen

When we feel really awful, the bed is the perfect place to rest. Unfortunately also for viruses and bacteria that stay in the tissue. So cushion and duvet covers need special treatment. If the worst is over, the bedding is best washed at 90 degrees. This is important not only because of the infection, but also because the diseased body sweats a lot. Simple washing of the laundry is not enough this time.

4. Towels and clothes

Do you also have cozy cuddly clothes that are only picked out when you are sick? I have such an oversized onesie with penguins made of cotton, which I only wear, if I really do not care about anything ;-). He walks into the washing machine after recovering, just like any other textiles I was in contact with. So towels, socks, underwear, etc. Wash everything as hot as possible! If in fact very resistant germs are in the game, then sometimes the hygiene rinse with in the washing machine. Otherwise, tea tree oil helps a great deal with disinfection!

5. Clean the bathroom well

Let me tell you what it’s like: In case of an infection, a lot of body fluids are lost in the bathroom. And not all land where they should. Tiny droplets splash when gurgling against Halzschmerzen through the area and the stomach contents will not always land in the toilet in all microscopic particles. You are defending?

So you have to go extra here! Wash all the towels and the bathroom carpet are once again! Disinfect the toilet and the sink well and do not forget the faucets, the toilet handle, the lid and shower grips. Clean surfaces thoroughly, clean trash cans and floors. What else? Again, do not forget doorknob and light switch.

And then you can say goodbye to the toothbrush. Many germs are in the mouth. Although you can kill them on the toothbrush with a special disinfectant mixture, but this is the perfect time to change the toothbrush again!

6. Clean the kitchen

It is now known that in the kitchen the highest concentrations of germs and bacteria occur. During illness, all dishes and cutlery used by a sick person should be rinsed in the dishwasher at the highest level. If you do not have one, you can douse the dishes briefly with boiling water. And also in the kitchen applies: Disinfect handles, latches and switches!

7. Let me entertain you!

What do you do when you are sick? Rumlümmeln on the sofa? When Sophie was little, I liked to put a blanket on the sofa that could then be easily put into the laundry. Do not forget the cuddly pillows, which are often lying there. And then you disinfect everything that is fun – phones, remote controls, computers, tablets, etc. – just everything you needed to feel good. Do not forget to wipe the coffee table …

8. Toys

One child is sick and black, and the next. This is because young children in particular take everything in their mouths – and also stop the barking, with which the gastrointestinal patient has just played. That is why it is enormously important to clean the toy regularly. And also the favorite stuffed animals are allowed to turn after recovery a round in the washing machine.

9. On the way

I remember the sound very well before Sophie had to vomit in the Maxi Cosi. So here too please swing the rag and disinfect everything, with which the patient on the way to the doctor came into contact. This can be the car and the child seat, the stroller, but also the bicycle trailer. So maybe the cockpit in the car, the handles, the car key … Ok, you can skip the tram … Heaven, that’s a lot, but this is the only way to protect yourself from a new infection! In the end, of course, comes …

10. The cleaning stuff

Rags, mops, cloths, etc. either disinfect or dispose of to prevent further spread of germs. All wipes should be cooked really well. In principle, sponges should not be used for cleaning because bacteria can stick in the gaps. And oh yes: best always wear rubber gloves, which of course must be cleaned at the end!

Anyone who has ever cared for a sick relative in an infection, knows that disposable gloves or even a surgical mask are not completely absurd. This is particularly important, for example, if you have someone at home who has a weak immune system and is not allowed to catch a sick family member. Better to protect everyone once more!

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Is not that an exaggeration?

When I read this myself, I feel a bit OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). But I can tell you that a gastrointestinal infection is nothing against a norovirus. You do not want to have it in the house!

My father had been suffering from cancer for a very long time and of course was cared for at his home. At that time, such hygiene measures were very important in order not to endanger him with his weak immune system. I know that many of the above measures may seem a bit overkill, but every now and then life has surprises in store and you’ll be glad to tick off such a list without much thought.

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