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Decoration of Paper Rolls

What can you do with the paper towel rolls you have just disposed of? These decoration ideas, which you can prepare with simple materials, can turn into a dexterity project that you can do with your children in your spare time.

Here are some ideas for you that have been transformed from paper rolls that have been ği garbage ine to art works;

Making Paper Ornaments

Cut the rolls into small, even pieces. Then a straight on the platform, paste the desired shape to each other. Finally, you can fix it to your wall with the help of double-sided tapes. The geometric structure of the shapes is entirely up to your imagination.

Souvenir Making From Paper Rolls

Place small fragrant soaps in the rolls and remove the edges. Fold over each other. Fold the edges with the help of glue secure. You can decorate with cardboards and ropes of any decor, and create beautiful gifts and bathroom decorations.

Making Butterfly from Paper Rolls

To make butterflies from paper rolls, cut the rolls into 4 equal pieces. Paint the interior surfaces in one color and the exterior in different colors. After applying pressure on the 4 parts, glue them together in pairs at the end corners. Paste the cut rolls of the remaining binary groups on a branch you want to paint in any color. You can also use small sticks as an antenna.

Wood Motif Making From Paper Rolls

Wet the rolls with diluted liquid glue or water to make wood motifs and wrap them on flexible metals or cables and then dry. Secure the areas that you think are not strong with the help of glue. Then place the vacuum holders on the ends and the back areas with the aid of hot silicone. To form the leaves at the ends, cut the rolls into equal pieces and apply pressure on them and then stick them to the root.

Pen Holder Making From Paper Rolls

Adhere 4 rolls together so that they touch each other. Cut a square cardboard base according to the size of the rolls you are pasting. After gluing the rolls on the cardboard, you can cover them with a nice rope and fasten the rope with hot silicone. Also you can paint your rolls and cartons in different colors and make drawings on them.
Your pen holder is ready!

Toy Car Making From Paper Rolls

Paint your paper roll in any color, then cut the cardboard paper with cool decorations and stick it on the car. You can still use cardboard paper for wheels and steering. You can attach the steering wheel and the wheels to the body with small fasteners. Your carton racing cars are ready!

Accessory Stand made of Paper Rolls

Glue the 2 large paper towel rolls together at the ends for the wrist strap holder. Then open a gap at the joint so that a roll can enter. Adjust the length to the desired size and insert another roll into the space you have opened to take the shape of “T”. Then cut a large cardboard for the base and cover all parts with a notebook of your choice. If you glue from the inner surface with glue, you can achieve a more aesthetic appearance.

Our decoration ideas from paper rolls provide benefit for you, we try to present you different ideas as much as we can within the scope of your own build projects that have been frequently applied recently.

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