Guide to design quality Italian kitchens

In the kitchen it is vital that everything is organized in a comfortable way and that its decoration is attractive so that the environment is optimal when we are preparing the food, or we share stories with our family or friends. That’s why we opt for Italian kitchens, there are currently very modern designs that allow you to get a perfect and fully customized kitchen.

cocinas italianas

The main characteristic of the style of Italian kitchens is to combine the most modern design elements with simple and clean lines. Open and light spaces predominate in Italian kitchens, where you can enjoy the wood and stones that make up this space. Italian kitchens make use of natural stone or lush woods to enjoy the sensations that an Italian-inspired kitchen can provide.

Choose wood as the star material for Italian kitchens

The wood varies its characteristics according to the species of the tree from which it comes and even within the same species by the conditions of the place of growth. But what stands out of this material so used in the home in its resistance as well as being a natural insulator. Thanks to its particular porous structure, wood stores numerous areas of heat and allows structures of reduced thickness and low energy consumption.

cocina de madera

One brings charm and elegance in addition to remembering the traditional design of our grandmothers’ kitchens. These natural and durable materials offer new solutions. Italian wooden kitchens are not only elegant because of the use of this material, but how the appliances are combined inside the kitchen, for example by installing a special oven to carry out the typical Italian recipes such as the preparation of bread or pizza. All kinds of innovative details so you can combine a very beautiful and quality material with excellent functionality and quality.

Stonework is a common element for walls,

The creation and choice of Italian cuisine style

Rustic Italian Kitchens

The old reflects the appearance of a rustic-style Italian kitchen, with the use of untreated wooden beams, sturdy wood for furniture, with solid stone floors and countertops are elements of Italian kitchens.

cocina rĂºstica

A rustic kitchen is dominated by two shades of color, light wood cabinets such as birch or white marble countertops, contrasting with dark wood such as oak or authentic black granite in an Italian kitchen.

  • Italian Mediterranean style kitchens

Any Mediterranean-style kitchen becomes a clean and comfortable space thanks to the use of colors and the voluptuousness of large doors, windows and cabinets. Natural light is an indispensable requirement in Italian Mediterranean style kitchens.

  • Tuscan Italian style kitchens

While making use of wood as the basis of style in Italian kitchens, we combine other elements such as stucco walls and bricks. It is a style very similar to the rustic, giving it a more cozy and warm touch instead of an open and spacious space.

cocina toscana

The role given to the shelves that leave the kitchen utensils and the ingredients for the fabulous recipes that are prepared is very important. The deep cabinets and the use of stone on the countertops make Tuscan cuisine a magnificent place to enjoy the art of cooking.

Use creativity to design Italian kitchens

When making the choice of a kitchen each element has its purpose and a reason to create a kitchen with personality. Elegance is a characteristic of the style of Italian kitchens, a symbol of the tradition that precedes them, a new way of organizing and living the kitchen. The space we have is very important when choosing the distribution of all the elements that make up a kitchen.

Italian kitchens offer a new style proposal and a great freedom of choice with its unique architectural elements and its perfect functionality. The main objective is to create a unique, totally personalized space, where technology and design come together, in addition to maximum comfort.

  • One of the most creative ideas is to make use of an old piece of furniture with drawers, you can take advantage of them, removing the bottom and paint them. Once you have chosen the way to place them on the wall, you can use them to place the kitchen utensils. If you have several sizes, you can paint them in different shades or colors.

cajones estanterĂ­a

  • Reuse those you have in the kitchen, you can give it various uses, such as to store some grains or spices, it is not necessary to paint or decorate them, since the colors of the species that you store in them are more than enough. Taking advantage of the fact that they are made of thick and resistant glass, ideal for them to last several years.

frascos para comida

  • For decoration we can use recycled cans to make vases, create a small garden in the kitchen window without looking like simple cans is to paint them with beautiful colors that combine with the decoration.

latas para plantar

  • This last idea will help you make use of those cups that you were wishing to throw in the trash because you no longer use them, recycle them and turn them into small candle holders, they will be great for decorating the center of the table or a bookcase.

vela taza

Being in the most cozy place in the house is the ideal of any family, the kitchen can be that special place full of good memories. Italian kitchens are for those looking for good quality kitchens with the choice of materials such as wood, robust material with different finishes. Meeting with relatives and friends to live unforgettable moments is now easier with Italian kitchens.

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