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Handmade Home Decoration Egg Cardboard with Light Wreath Making

Decoration of home accessories and furniture harmony, concept completion, such as situations are the key points. If these accessories can be handmade home decoration, you will have the opportunity to organize and implement your own design and color harmony. In addition, designs made with products used as recycling evaluation are the most advantageous decorations.

Instead of taking a place in a box, a pack of garbage is evaluated and becomes a cute decoration. Designing and coloring them can only be preferred by you in accordance with your home. There are a few tricks and decorations that you can create with products found in every home. Among the practical handmade ornaments, egg carton and light wreath are one of the simplest ideas.

Necessary Materials for Making Light Wreath from Egg Carton

  • Paintbrush
  • Egg Carton
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White acrylic paint
  • Drawstring lights
  • Gold color glitter, different colors on request It may be used.

Egg Cardboard Light Wreath Making

Cut the cardboard box by block. Cut the cartons to form a floral shape 4 separate. Depending on your design you can determine the number of flower shape. You should paint all flowers with white acrylic paint. Then you should glue the inside of the flower patterns and pour the glitter of the desired color.

Drawstring lights should be passed under the flowers. You can get a band aid to attach it to the cartons tightly. Your home decoration will then be ready.

Lighting is the brightest object that can be used as a decor. These lighting are among the interesting handmade ornaments that provide support for your large rooms, which create a dark environment, with little windows or insufficient lighting. These decors, which are preferred with their lighting and pleasant appearance, will adapt to the elegance of your home. These decors, which are hand-crafted and used to evaluate the materials in the house, will become your ornament without taking your time. The products that will decorate the garbage will cheer your house with its contribution to recycling.

In order to support lighting or to provide a dim environment, the light wreath made of handmade egg carton will be your complement to the concept with the colors of your furniture. An interesting decor and easy to make products by adding something from yourself with your design will create a spiritual value. You can use such products as decoration and decorations everywhere in your home. In the meantime, the paint brush is very advantageous to create interesting decorations that will decorate your home from both easy and recycling materials available at home. If you are interested in making decoration products from recycling, make sure you have them at home. We are trying to publish articles about handmade home decoration contents frequently. You can also take a look at other work done with egg cartons.

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