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How to clean the washing machine?

We put our dirty laundry in the washing machine and expect it to be clean and fresh when it comes out. But how can we keep our washing machine clean and fresh smelling?

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 10 minutes


Washing machines are usually made of the same material. The best way to clean this material is with a clean cloth and multi-purpose cleaner or dishwashing soap. With these two materials you can gently wipe the outside of your washing machine. You may notice that your laundry detergent forms and builds up a layer on some parts. A little warm water and a cleaning sponge will be enough to clean these areas. You can use a piece of cotton for edges and corners, and you can also clean these areas.


You should clean up spilled detergents as soon as they are spilled. If you wait these stains and accumulation will be much more difficult to remove. If one of the items you have washed has left a residue near the solid, it is best to remove all the laundry inside and wipe the inside of your washing machine with a clean cloth.

3-Preventing or Getting Rid of Odor

To prevent odors from forming in your washing machine, you should leave the door open to dry the inside of the machine instead of closing the door after washing. If there is an odor, you can operate the machine by placing a hot degree of carbonate and vinegar in the idle state. For washing machines with a loading section in front, it is very important to leave the door open between each laundry session. You should also remember to wipe the plastic parts on the sides of the machine cover. In these parts, hair or similar dirt and dirt can form and this causes smell. Roughly wiping your washing machine after each wash will prevent odors and mold.


1-Water Accumulation Problem

If you have a problem such as lime build-up with water build-up, you can use laundry detergents that do not have limescale to prevent this problem.

You will need:

  • -Cleaning agent (detergent, dish soap etc.)
  • – A clean cloth.
  • -Vinegar
  • -Carbonate
  • – Descaling (if necessary)

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