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Let’s collect the best tips together!

There are quite wonderful articles together, which will link you again below, so that nothing is lost and you can enjoy all the good “little” tips. For it is often only the very small tricks that simplify life.

So, and now to my little things: For me it’s about cleaning and washing – that was already the last weeks, the big topic with me and I’ve always come up with tricks that I summarize you today.

Forget washing in the washing machine?

Hands up, who has ever forgotten his laundry in the washing machine? It smells so wonderful disgusting after a wet dog mixed with mold. The smell you get rid of super fast, if you let the wash program run again and give a few (so about 5) tablespoon of vinegar. Works great and the laundry does not smell like vinegar afterwards!

Waschen Hacks

Yellowed pillow?

Dandruff, sweat and spit make even the most beautiful down pillows at some point yellowish. So off in the washing machine! Many can be washed at 60 degrees – but please check on the label. If the gilb is not gone after washing, then put lemon juice on the spot and put it in the sun. The pillows are really fluffy when you put them in the dryer with a tennis ball.

Waesche Hack

Started silver?

Taken silver – and in this case I mean small things like chains, rings and spoons – you get great with toothpaste to shine. Stir a thick paste (it must be really thick!) And rub in the silver. Washing and polishing. For larger actions, such as the banquet set for 48 persons, I would then work with conventional silver cleaning agents ;-).

Greasy kitchen cabinets?

Anyone who, like us, has a kitchen that does not reach the ceiling for years, will know the phenomenon: a greasy layer of deposited kitchen fumes on the cupboards. I always hated to clean there! But if you put down a layer of newspaper and change it regularly, then you save yourself the annoying Putzpocedere.

Crumpled drawers and dirty refrigerator boxes?

Do you also know the knee, which accumulates again and again in the kitchen and fridge drawers? The worst he is in the vegetable box in the fridge with us. So far, I’ve washed them out regularly, but honestly, that’s not a big hobby for me … It’s much quicker if you line the drawers with kitchen paper – just swap it for a clean layer if it has become dingy.

Putzen Hack

Stains on stainless steel?

Greasy and lime spots are incredibly easy to store on stainless steel. To make it shine again, it simply wipes with soda water. Also, a rag with a touch of olive or coconut oil works great for polishing! This is by far the cheapest, simplest and most effective means. Work in the oil until streaks and stains disappear. Finally wipe with an oil-free cloth and admire the shine.

Blood stains?

First things first: never wash out blood with warm water! Never, never, never! Because that’s how the stain stays for eternity. Only cold water dissolves the protein compounds well. Castile soap, also called Marseille soap, is really good for getting blood out of the wash. I rub them directly and undiluted on the spot and let them act briefly. Rinse with cold water and … it’s magic!

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