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Sew large cosmetic bag by yourself – Toiletry bag pattern

Oh yes, I have not published DIY for ages! Recently, I wrote you an article on how best to pack your suitcase, and I noticed that you could also sew the Packing Cubes yourself. So I picked out the toiletry bag pattern and now we can sew it in all sizes and patterns:

DIY Kulturbeutel

You need this

Outer fabric: 2x 33 cm x 24 cm
Lining: 2x 33 cm x 24 cm
Fleece insert: 2x 33 cm x 24 cm
Strap: 9 cm x 3.5 cm
Zipper: 35 cm


1 Iron the fleece insert onto the outer fabric.

2 Lay an outer fabric part with the right side up and place the zipper face down on the upper longitudinal edge so that the edge of the zipper lies on the edge of the fabric.

3 Place one piece of lining material on the first outer fabric and the zipper with the right side facing downwards, poke it in place and stitch all three layers feet wide. Fold the fabric layers so that the free side of the zipper is at the top edge.

4 Lay down the second outer fabric part with the right side up. Place the free front side of the zipper on the upper longitudinal edge so that the edge of the zipper is again at the edge of the fabric. There are now both outer fabrics slightly shifted from each other.

5 Place the second piece of fabric with the right side down on the zipper (lining is on the lining).

6 Sew all three layers together.

7 Unfold the fabric so that the front side of the zipper is in the middle, iron it and stitch it tightly at the zipper.

8 Fold the strip of fabric for the loop lengthwise right to right in half, close a cross seam and the longitudinal seam. Cut off the corners, turn them, smash the open side and stitch around with a short edge, closing the opening.

Kulturbeutel Schnittmuster

9 Now fold the bag so that the outer fabrics lie on top of each other. Pin all around and sew the lower side together. Cut back seam allowances and finish with zigzag stitch. (Then you can see the serged seam allowances in the bag)

10 Open the zipper halfway. Put the longitudinal seam on the zipper. At the closed end of the zipper, place the loop between the two layers so that it faces inwards.

Kulturbeutel selber nähen

Sew everything together

11 Pin all layers and sew together.

12 Repeat on the other side with the zipper still open. The teeth must overlap slightly when pinning.

13 Cut back the seam allowances and smoothen the edges.

14 At each of the four corners unfold the side seam and the longitudinal edge and lay them on top of each other, flat iron the corners and stitch 10 cm wide with a cross seam. Cut off the overlapping fabric triangles, finish edges.

15 Open the zipper completely and turn the bag to the right.

Toiletry bag pattern – small auxiliary pictures

Here are a few small illustrations to help you get along better:

Kulturbeutel Schnittmuster

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Kulturbeutel selber nähen

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