Stock up on supplies: discard less food

I’ve just disposed of a packet of flour. And breadcrumbs, psyllium and powdered sugar. Not because they were spoiled, but because vermin once again found a new home. I do not even know what it was exactly – moths were not – rather small worms … Bääh! It annoys me not only that I have to dispose of food and thus wasting, but that they have made it back into my storage cabinet. I clean it regularly with vinegar water. But why is it?

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

Incidentally, it looked so messy in my storage cabinet before my big eviction.

On the one hand you bring the pests in most cases home from shopping: in cereal, in the shopping bag, in animal feed … This is just about organic produce quite fast and has not much to do with poor hygiene. uff.

And then of course it is still the wrong storage of food, so that moths and their little friends have easy game. Of course that’s just one reason why I have to dispose of food from time to time. Yes, ashes on my head! Because if you follow a few basic rules in the food storage, then they last longer!

And because I was so good at researching because of the animals, I dealt with the topic of stockpiling, to have a bit of basic knowledge.

The ominous best before date

First, of course, is the look on the packaging: There is usually pretty much exactly what is stored as best (“cool and dry storage”) and how long it is durable. For “dry” foods, the best before date is the best before date. This means that it is durable AT LEAST to the specified date. After that, taste or texture can be slightly different, but it is then still consumable. Here decides common sense! And if mold is on it, then you know what to do …

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

What is best stored?

Basically you should stow all food dry, cool and protected from light. But of course every product has its own special requirements.

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen


Bread and other pastries should always be packaged permeable to air, otherwise mold will form. So out of the plastic packaging and into a kitchen towel in a bread box or stone pot – so it stays fresh the longest.Weizenbrot is about 1-2 days, whole wheat bread up to 10 days. Crispbread and rusks last about a year. And: sliced bread molds faster than a loaf, because the attack surface for mold spores is larger. Regularly remove the old bread crumbs in the box, as they are the perfect breeding ground for molds!

Dry products

Special case sugar: It is almost unlimited shelf life! But even honey and salt can be stored for a long time when stored dry.

Pasta, rice, semolina, oatmeal, corn, greens, starch, breadcrumbs, couscous, bulgur and dried legumes or like to dry it, preferably at a temperature of 15 to 20. Ideal is a storage in tightly closed containers. So they can last for up to a year.

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen


The optimal storage location is 4 to 5 degrees cool, moist, dark and airy The kitchen is therefore not suitable for it – a cellar or a pantry would be optimal! Potatoes can be stored for up to 8 months and most of all they feel in baskets or wooden crates. If potatoes are not stored dark and cool enough, they form green spots.

Canned goods:

Store as dry, airy and below 20 degrees, then they can last for several years. Always observe the respective storage instructions and the best before date!

Preserves, jams, spreads:

Jams, confit or nut nougat cream like it cool and dark. Once opened, the foodstuffs should be kept in the refrigerator with the exception of nut nougat cream. Make sure that the pickle is covered with liquid, otherwise it will dry out.

Vinegar and oil:

Oils should be stored in a dark and normally tempered place (not in the refrigerator). In fact, daylight can destroy important ingredients and make oil go rancid faster. So they are durable for several months, opened cooking oils only a few weeks.

Vinegar: Beware of too much brightness and heat: this can make vinegar in vinegar and spoil it.


Dark, dry, cool and airtight like spices! Keep away from heat, which means that the popular place on the stove is not suitable! Because heat and moisture affect the aroma negatively. Unmilled spices stay fresh the longest.

And the bad news: Ground spices keep their full flavor open only a few weeks.

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

Coffee, cocoa and tea

Like it dry, cool and opaque. Best kept in a tin with a well-closing lid at a temperature around 19 degrees. Matcha should be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator. The best before date plays a minor role, but eventually tea or coffee loses its flavor.

Ok, now it’s clear how best to store your things. But what is the best place?

Storage in a closed area

Unfortunately, I still have our old, weird kitchen with the strange upper cabinets, in which not really everything can be optimally packed. Great would be a pantry, in which everything has its place. Because in the kitchen optimized storage is pure time savings. Short ways make cooking so much easier! I know this from my own – painful – experience. So a storage cabinet that is closed, because all dry supplies can be affected by moisture and intense light and spoil faster. However, the closed original packaging is not always optimal, as many vermin can crawl through paper bags for example.

And now we come to the cans:

They must meet three requirements: They must be transparent, close tightly and make optimal use of the cupboard space.

Number 1: why transparent: so you immediately recognize content and level. Simply stick the expiration date (MHD) out of the package and with adhesive tape to the container.

Number 2: Closing tightly – I just have to say one keyword: moths. Of course – tight is great and a great protection!

Number 3: Optimal use of the cupboard. What use many small doses, which go into the nothing and I store in acrobatic pile formations! Or giant glasses that are incredibly heavy? In my experience, a mix of very large and medium doses is optimal.

The squirrel has moved in

After eternal back and forth are now with me the variants Bruni of keeeper in the closet. They raise the above benefits and it fits in neatly what! Why do I still like her?

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

Here are the pluses for the container Bruni by keeeper:

  1. Transparent containers made of high quality acrylate
  2. More overview of content and quantity through the transparent material
  3. Lighter and easier to grip than glass jars
  4. Handy twist lock with 4 holes (!)
  5. The lid closes air- and aroma-tight
  6. The non-slip bottom prevents the container from slipping so easily and provides better grip when accessing it
  7. Protects the shelf from scratches
  8. Allows a safe stacking of containers
  9. 100% BPA-free
  10. Available in 6 different sizes
  11. Is dishwasher suitable

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

Hey, that’s a lot! And what I particularly like about the keeeper dry-food jar canister is the rotating bulkheads that not only seal tightly but are also great for dosing.

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

What does this have to do with squirrels? The keeeper kitchen collection comes, as you can easily tell by the name keeeper. Do you know that? It was not a real term to me yet, but has sneaked up my “I like” assortment very quickly. And the signet is the little squirrel (called “kipy”), which stands for collecting and storing things. Now, the only question is, why keeeper has three “e” in the name (oh, the auto correction has driven me insane)? It comes from the English term keeping – safekeeping – but with 3 “e’s” for everybody, everything and everywhere. Again something learned, dear ones!

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

Sort sensibly

Well, now everything is well packed and well protected. Now it’s all about stowing everything in the closet. I have three tips for you:

  1. Older always forward: put new supplies to the back, so you first consumed the older food. Things that are used frequently or even daily are within reach.
  2. Sort by topics: Put together sensible groupings such as baking ingredients, pasta or tea and sort them into clear boxes
  3. Stock Check: Inventories should be inspected regularly for damaged packaging, pest infestation and shelf life. Then it is to dispose of moths and Co. everything should be well wiped!

Küchenschrank organisieren mit Keeeper Kuechendosen

Oh, what I like my newly organized cabinet! Secretly, I dream a little bit of a new kitchen in which everything will be even more beautiful and structured and the new cans are even better. But if you look at the first picture again, you will see the difference.

And another personal tip from me: First, the food stood in a wall unit and it was a terrible back and forth attachment to get to the things. I then put them all in a drawer next to the stove. This is not only bigger and more accessible, so I always have everything at hand. Waffle irons and Co are now living there – things that I do not need so often, in the small wall unit.

The cans are so much more practical!

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