The 10 best sweet home kitchen ideas

Real comfort begins in the kitchen. I definitely think so. Wherever I am, I first arrange for a full refrigerator, put some fresh flowers on the kitchen table, and then home and home can begin. Take care of your kitchen as well: give it more cosiness, personality and love.


1 — Create colored inner life

Nothing seems more sterile than a kitchen where you do not see what’s going on. Clear is the molecular kitchen with its chemistry lab charm in the trend, even the sparkling Loftstyle with highly polished designer chrome steel – but who wants to live in his kitchen, it makes a bit of heart to the mind. A shelf with a view of beautiful dishes transforms a boring kitchen into a personal space. Here the interior of this kitchen buffet is painted with a striking color. This is how beautiful dishes look even better. This trick works with showcases and all shelves that have a back. More ideas for beautiful Chuchichäschtli can be found in the article: This gives kitchens character. (Picture above: sweetspace)


2 — Give guests a place in the kitchen

If you like to cook, of course, often guests. They want to watch, help or just hang around a bit in the kitchen and chat! In large kitchens, of course, there is space for a table and chairs. But even in a small kitchen can be made space to snip and drink a glass of wine. Round, small tables with folding chairs need little space. A narrow bar with high stools is also a good solution, and wall-mounted folding tables help in the tightest of spaces. Browse through the 12 tips on how to make your fitted kitchen more comfortable. (Picture above: one hour)

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3 — Choose clean solutions

If you have space, you opt for simple, clean solutions in the kitchen. Such a shelf element made of metal provides space for working but also for kitchen appliances, dishes, glasses and even sink. In rental apartments, such a shelf can also be used as a kind of kitchen counter, instead of a conventional table. (Picture via: automatism)

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4 — Choose a cheerful mix of styles

The kitchen is a place that is uncomplicated, cozy and informal. I have a girlfriend, with whom I always shared my love-heartache at a young age. She had a great apartment and kids. The kitchen was the place to smoke. So we often sat for hours with cigarette and champagne and have complained of our suffering, and somehow the place in the kitchen was much more comforting than sitting on the sofa and armchair. So a mix of styles fits well in kitchens. This dining area with mixed furniture proves style and shows a lot of personality. Find here even more ideas about the dining area in the kitchen. (Picture: thestylefiles)

Küchenbüffet Sweet Home

5 — Show what you love!

Sometimes I enter apartments where there are no books or magazines lying around. Supercleane kitchens where everything is stowed behind doors and in drawers. Clear: We live in a technological time; You can read books digitally, and in the kitchen you cook with steamer and automatically adjustable ovens. There are even refrigerators today, which tell you when the milk is no longer fresh. But I love beautiful things, even those that do not always have an obvious purpose, and I would like to see them. As a stylist, of course, I have too much of everything, and I’m constantly working to get shelves in, out, and tidy. I particularly like the kitchen shelves. These give each kitchen personality. Pretty cups, a particularly nice pack of spaghetti, a vase of flowers, favorite cookbooks, the porcelain rabbit from the flea market, the elegant sugar bowl: items liven up the kitchen cabinets, provide comfort and more happiness in everyday life. The stately, super cozy kitchen buffet is from Walter. More ideas and inspirations for beautiful, personal “shelves” in the kitchen.


6 — Read the big Sweet Home kitchen guide

Homeowners often have the choice of choosing a kitchen. This is not always easy, so a sweet home blog reader turned to Sweet Home for advice. Read the detailed kitchen guide, where tenants also learn a lot and get shopping tips.

Cozy living in an open kitchen is also accompanied by a little rustic romance. In order for rural charm to fit into modern life, the trend “Modern Country” has developed. A style that combines well with modern furniture. When surfing and looking for homely kitchens I noticed these and I think they are just perfect. It is chic and cozy, but does not look set, but quite natural and easy to integrate into a modern life. The gray color radiates a certain elegance, is easy to combine and looks fresh. Also nice here is the material mix: a lot of wood, also natural, simple ceramic tiles and stone floor. (Kitchen of Holloways)

And these ideas can also be implemented in an existing kitchen:
Comfort also always has a lot to do with styling. What radiates extra comfort in this kitchen is the open shelf. Once beautiful things are visible, dishes mix with cookbooks and great finds, personality comes to mind. The colored glass lights are also beautiful details: they hang from the ceiling and convey together with the fresh flowers immediately a lot of home feeling.

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7 — Create more homeliness

Use the space that remains in a fitted kitchen a little differently. Imagine, as shown in the picture above, a small sofa with a round table and two chairs. And you already have a great kitchen. It can also be an armchair with a side table, just like in a salon. Other ideas that can make a kitchen in an unconventional way: a large, antique mirror, a floor lamp, a living shelf or a rug. Find even more ideas in the article: Make more of your kitchen.

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8 — Replace closet doors with colorful curtains

So you can create a very personal space from the most boring and impersonal kitchen. Here very colorful fabrics are used. Also beautiful are linen fabrics that provide French country-style appearance. (Image: lucy.blogspot)


9 — Build with wood

Because of their practical thinking, many kitchens lack all warmth. The fact that both can be arranged together – a warm feeling of living and a practical handling – shows this kitchen. Wood creates the bow. This also works in fitted kitchens of rental apartments. Cover the surfaces with suitable wooden boards. Some covers can be easily replaced, while others can be covered with wooden panels. Ask an artisan for advice. It is important that when moving out everything comes back as you have taken it. Another original idea in this kitchen is the shelf built with narrow wooden boards. Here books and beautiful things find an exhibition space and provide a lot of living. Discover 10 ideas that make fitted kitchens more personality. (Photo via: Yvestown)


10 — Choose industrial shelves

Simple metal shelves are good for the kitchen. They are robust and easy to care for and they look airy and generous. This shelf is lovingly decorated with pastel colored dishes, food and antique cans. Pretty is also the blackboard on which shopping lists or menu ideas can be written. Discover even more ideas for Chuchichäschtli. (Picture: eclectica)


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